Golden Homes Awarding Referrals for Homes in Chestermere

Golden Homes Awarding Referrals for Homes in Chestermere

May 22, 2023

Golden Homes

New Homes Chestermere

We feel that we make the best home models in and around Chestermere. Real estate in communities like Kinniburgh South are already being exclusively built by us. The benefits of buying a new house from Golden Homes are already apparent.

But what if we told you that we’ve just added some more benefits? We are announcing a new referral program for those who refer a family member or friend who is looking to buy a new home from Golden Homes. There’s more, though!

Those who get successfully referred will receive some amazing bonuses that are sure to help out in their new house.

Let’s dive more into the details of this brand-new and exciting offer.

Referral Prizes for Family and Friends

Do you have a friend or loved one who is looking for a new home? Why not get rewarded for helping them out?

If you have bought a home from Golden Homes in the past, you are now eligible for a $2000 cash gift reward. All you have to do is successfully refer a family or friend to our team.

It is that simple! There’s no other work on your end. Think of the possibilities with an easy extra $2000 in your pocket.

Receiving Bonuses for New Home Owners in Chestermere

Are you looking for a new home and know someone who has bought real estate from Golden Homes in the past? Receive a couple of awesome new bonuses when you successfully get referred by a previous Golden Homes client.

You have the option of either receiving the following (dependent upon sales price):

  • New washer/dryer
  • $1000 in cash
  • or a selections discount 

What better way than this to start your new home for you and your family? Don’t wait and take advantage of this deal today.

Win Big Today with a Referral to Golden Homes

Make the most of your purchase of a Golden Homes home when you refer a friend to one of our high-quality homes. Or help a friend or family member with their new home when they are successfully referred to us.

Looking to take advantage of our referral program? Get in touch with your trusted team members at Golden Homes today for more info.

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