Must-Have Features for Your Custom Home in 2024

Must-Have Features for Your Custom Home in 2024

February 15, 2024

Golden Homes

When you customize your space to perfection, you can step into a house that truly feels like home.

But with all the options for customization out there, where do you even begin?

Golden Homes, a leader amongst Chestermere home builders, is here to inspire you with ideas that’ll complete your dream blueprint. 

Check out our top 15 custom home features below! 

A tablet on top of a custom home blueprint

Custom Home Features Recommended by Leading Chestermere Home Builders

1. A Hidden Room

One of the custom home features that never fails to bring excitement and wonder is a hidden room. Loved by both kids and adults alike, a secret room can take various forms and serve different purposes. Whether it’s turning attic space into a cozy movie theater loft, transforming a basement corner into a classic hidden library, or maybe even a speakeasy-style bar behind a cleverly disguised door, the addition of a hidden room instantly adds magic and whimsy to any floor plan.

Work closely with your custom home builder to turn it into a space that’ll be your ultimate escape into another world!

2. Mudroom

When it comes to designing a mudroom, incorporating ample storage and organization is essential. Gone are the days of tiny hall closets that can barely fit a couple of coats. Custom home builders are recognizing the importance of creating expansive mudrooms that can accommodate not only outerwear but also shoes and sporting equipment. This shift reflects the changing needs and lifestyles of homeowners who desire functional and efficient spaces to keep their homes clutter-free.

To make this custom home feature truly stand out, consider the addition of built-in lockers for a retro look or shelves in your mudroom. Not only will these provide designated spaces for each family member’s belongings but they also do a great job at giving the room a permanent and distinguished look. Built-in lockers allow for instant individual compartments which can be customized with hooks, cubbies, and even charging stations. On the other hand, built-in shelves can provide open storage space for baskets or bins to organize items such as hats, gloves, and scarves. Incorporating these architectural elements creates a sense of order and elegance while maximizing the available space in your mudroom.

After all, you want your mudroom to look neat and presentable—not, well… muddy.

3. Game/Entertainment Room

Are there plenty of future gaming champions in the family? Well, then that calls for a dedicated game room in your list of custom home features.

It’s no secret that gaming sessions can sometimes get quite noisy. But fear not! A dedicated game room is the perfect solution to contain all the excitement and noise in one space. Creating a game room allows you to have a designated area where you can fully immerse yourself in gaming without disturbing the rest of the household. Whether it’s playing multiplayer games with friends or engaging in intense online battles, a game room provides an exclusive space for endless hours of fun.

You might also want to consider talking with your custom home builder about combining your game room with the ultimate home theater experience. That way, the whole family can easily shift from weekend gaming sessions to movie marathons in no time!

4. Home Gym

When better fitness is just a few steps away, no one will have any excuse to shove it further down their priority list. Health should always be a priority—so why not include a gym as one of your custom home features?

5. Walk-In Dressing Room Closets

Every style enthusiast deserves a space they can turn into their own little fashion sanctuary. And that’s more than possible when you opt to add walk-in dressing room closets to your custom home features.

When you collaborate with leading Chestermere home builders, you can combine both your vision and their expertise to create a runway-worthy space.

6. Walk-In Pantry

Like what a luxury walk-in closet is to fashion mavens, a walk-in pantry is a dream come true for those who love to cook and keep their kitchen organized. It offers generous storage space that is both organized and easily accessible. It’s easy to collaborate with your custom home builder to personalize this space according to your needs—from installing an extra refrigerator or freezer or incorporating spacious shelving, bins, cabinets, and countertops.

Walk-in pantries allow you to stock up on plenty of ingredients and food items. And you know what this means: fewer visits to the grocery store and more time to spend doing other things you love.

Apart from being a practical space for storing food items, a walk-in pantry also serves as an ideal spot for hiding culinary clutter, keeping your kitchen always 100% aesthetic.

7. An Outdoor Living Space

The beauty of the outdoors is way too stunning to not “live” in it every now and then. When you and the whole family have time off, why not unwind in an outdoor living space for some much-needed sunlight and fresh air? You can even add a fireplace for that instant “campfire” feel on summer nights.

An outdoor living space is one of the most popular features added by Chestermere home builders

8. Outdoor Kitchen

There’s no doubt that a spacious outdoor kitchen will inspire the whole family to come together, bring out their inner master chef, and cook up some culinary magic.

From backyard BBQ parties with friends to weekend cook-offs, an outdoor kitchen is one of the custom home features that will add immense value to your culinary journey. 

9. Open Floor Plans 

The leading Chestermere home builders will tell you that open floor plans are having a huge moment in the spotlight right now. By removing walls and barriers between different living areas such as the kitchen, dining room, and living room, these floor plans encourage better flow and movement throughout the home. 

One of the main advantages of open floor house plans is the perception of spaciousness it creates. Without walls or barriers obstructing sightlines, the area appears larger and more airy, giving it a sense of expansiveness. This is particularly beneficial for smaller homes or apartments where creating a feeling of space can be challenging. Additionally, open-concept designs provide greater flexibility in how spaces are used. Furniture can be moved around easily without being confined by walls or doorways, allowing homeowners to adapt their living arrangements according to their needs.

Another major benefit of open-concept floor plans is the ability to maximize natural light and airflow throughout the home. Without walls blocking sunlight from entering different areas, natural light can penetrate deeper into the interior spaces, making them feel brighter and more inviting. Similarly, air can circulate more freely in an open layout compared to traditional segmented rooms, encouraging better ventilation. 

A Kinniburgh South home with an open floor plan

10. Taller Ceilings

Another one of the most popular custom home features that goes high up on many lists is taller ceilings. 

Long considered a symbol of elegance and opulence, lofty ceilings are being recognized for their impact on home design and buyer preference. The appeal of high ceilings lies in their ability to create an instant sense of grandeur and sophistication. They offer a feeling of openness and spaciousness, making rooms appear larger and more airy. The soaring heights also allow for larger windows and abundant natural light, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. 

But the benefits of taller ceilings go way beyond the aesthetics, studies have shown that being a in space with higher ceilings can actually promote abstract thinking, freedom, and creativity

11. Innovative Stairs

When it comes to the most popular custom home features, innovative stair designs are climbing their way to the top in the blueprints of Chestermere home builders. 

More than just a structure that takes you to the next floor, stairs are now becoming interior focal points that elevate a home’s architectural charm. Whether it’s L-shaped, U-shaped, spiral, winding, or curved stairs, there are plenty of stunning options out there; don’t think twice about taking it to the next level. 

12. A Window Nook

From bookworms reading their favourite novel after a long day or pluviophiles watching the rain pour at night, there’s nothing quite like a window nook to complete these scenes.

Beyond being an incredible accent piece, it can also double as an extra storage space. Work with your Chestermere home builders to make it picturesque and functional. 

13. Install Skylights or Sun Tunnels

Skylights and sun tunnels are among the custom home features utilized to enhance the natural light in a space.

The difference between the two is that skylights are larger and more traditional, typically installed directly into the roof. They provide abundant natural light and can also be opened for ventilation. This makes them perfect for rooms that lack windows or need additional light and fresh air, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or even living areas. In addition to brightening up your space, skylights can also help reduce energy usage by allowing ample daylight to enter and reducing the need for artificial lighting during daytime hours.

On the other hand, sun tunnels are smaller in size and are often used in spaces where installing a skylight may not be feasible, such as closets, hallways, or small bathrooms. Sun tunnels consist of a small window-like panel on the roof that connects to a reflective tube through which sunlight is channeled down into the room below. Due to their smaller footprint, sun tunnels are more discreet and do not create any visual impact on the exterior of your home. They can still significantly brighten up a dark area and add natural light without requiring significant renovations.

14. Dog Wash Station

The comfortability of your fur babies matters just as much when deciding on which custom home features to include. These adorable members of the family deserve their own dedicated wash station as well! Placing it in a strategic place in your household is crucial to ensuring that their muddy footprints aren’t left all over the house before they can get a nice bath.

15. Solar Panels

We only have one Mother Earth—and we owe it to her to consistently think of ways we can protect her. One of the most eco-friendly custom home features you might want to consider is making your space solar-power-ready. Work with your Chestermere home builders to personalize a blueprint to accommodate solar panels based on your preferences.  

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